Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day One - Self Portraits

I'll keep updating this post with every self portrait brought to my attention. I'll do my best to link through to anyone's website/promotional material that I can.

Patrick Gavin blew the doors off on the challenge while I was still thinking about getting up this morning. This is what we all have to follow you guys.

And I started early on a simple watercolour, but I'm at work today so for now here is the unfinished version:

Tytti Anttila (love this one)

Jay Penn

Clara Avecilla

Linda McNamara

Louise Cahill

Mary Lillis

Jenny Magaharan

Paddy Delaney

Wayne O'Connor

James Newell

Brian Cunningham


More to come!?! - keep updating me on the social media(s?) with your self portraits and I'll keep updating the blog. Tomorrow - 02/07/2012 - is Day Two - Favourite Film.

donalfall out.

Edit - still getting some self portraits late, but there's no hard and fast rules here at Pub Scrawl:

Dermot Canniffe (done on his phone)

Irene Arnold

Mykul Craughwell

Andrew Judge

Anita McGarry

Emma Dunne


Liosa McNamara

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