Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 4 - Still Life

July is the Month of the 31-day drawing challenge!
Day One - Self Portraits
Day Two - Favourite Film
Day Three - Worst Nightmare

I'll keep updating this post with every Still Life picture brought to my attention. I'll do my best to link through to anyone's website/promotional material that I can. Make sure to email me (donalfall -at-, post on the Event Page, use Flickr's embed tools to stick your picture in the comments or somehow keep me updated with the Social Media (Mediae?) to have your stuff featured.

Hey, it's Still Life -

Paddy Delaney

Louise Cahill

Linda McNamara

Andrew Judge

Mykul Craughwell

Jay Penn

Patrick Gavin

Brian Cunningham


James Newell

Anita McGarry

Emma Dunne

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