Monday, July 2, 2012

Admin Monday 02 JUL 2012 - Drawing, drawing, drawing!

Hey y'all - we're just starting into our month of the Daily Drawing Challenge! Still - that's no excuse for slacking on administration! The rules control the fun, my friends.


You can now be part of the Group on Google+. We'll have to work out how to keep that page as up to date as the facebook group, but we'll get there.

July is the Month of the 31-day drawing challenge!
Day One - Self Portraits
Day Two - Favourite Film

And - although it is technically a link - the guys had tons of fun with the Online Colour Challenge - give it a go & share your results in the comments! Some Pub Scrawlers got disgustingly low scores (lower is better).


James Gurney breaks down the Loomis scheme for tonal organisation in your pictures.

Jenni Sparks shows us how patient an artist can be with this hand-drawn map of London.

Mike Lee has a book coming - Bodega - which is a collection of cool cartoon drawings of the same corner once an hour over a 24 hour period.

Blade Runner - in watercolours!

Sharon Moody trompes your l'oeil -

And speaking of which, this 3-d effect art by Nagai Hideyuki is also pretty mindblowing.

Art & Science meet in Bodies in Space.

If you want to learn how to make animated GIFs, Anthony Holden shows you how!

Here in Galway, Daire Lynch Art is offering Life Drawing classes -

Greg Manchess gives you 10 tips for Portfolios!

Mary highlighted that Pixar are hiring.

And that's it for your updates! This month is the month of the drawing challenge, so this is it for Admin Mondays til August, but I reckon you'll have plenty to look at here on the Galway Pub Scrawl!

donalfall out.

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