Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #98 - The Flaming Wolf!

We had a Galway Pub Scrawl!.... kind of. Patrick had a birthday, so Katie organised an AWESOME Jurassic Park-themed Birthday Party for him. Check it out!

New People!

Cake! Biscuits! Cake!

Patrick wonders if his present is in this weird thing.

He's a father!

T-Rex helps Katie draw.

While Velociraptor gets hyper on jelly.

Ger is in his very spiffy Halloween outfit...

... while drawing Halloween horrors.

Mary was designing horns.

Yolande made her Halloween outfit in the pub.

And Caspar was drawing this cool Batgirl.

Chuck drew this Ballerina.

That was a lot of fun you guys. Huge thanks to our friends in McSwiggans for letting us into the back room as always. Well done to Katie for organising such a great party! Come join us in another 2 weeks for the next Galway Pub Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl!

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