Monday, October 7, 2013

Admin Monday 07 OCT 2013

So, we survived the 24 hour comic day over the weekend, somehow. I'm going to produce a PDF of all the pages as soon as possible, featuring all the pages I can get from myself, James Newell, Brian Naughton, Liam Naughton, Declan Carroll and all the others I can gather together.... thanks to all. Special thanks to 091 labs for hosting us, as always it makes a great venue for projects.


Ash linked to the "Wearable Art Show" - an upcoming Art event that still has submission calls if you want to look into it.

Alanna let us all know that Galway Game Jam #3 is on in the Aras na MacLeinn this Saturday the 12th of October. If you like the idea of making computer games in a super compressed time, or even just calling in to see what everyone is up to, go call in!

Jay has been sculpting and will probably be sculpting more! I think he sold his first head, but you should keep an eye peeled cos he tends to sell his stuff cheap. :)

And Roisin Cure came to join us at the last Pub Scrawl and drew this lovely live sketch of Pub Scrawl in action! -


If running a site like this could be a paid day job, it would be my dream day job :

Chuck pointed us towards this micro-documentary (pun intended) about the making of Jon Hopkins music videos - compulsive viewing!

Creating The Microscopic Art Of Jon Hopkins' Immunity from The Creators Project on Vimeo.

You can get an Android app that mimics the Oblique Strategies deck for those times when you are creatively blocked.

The Technician from our department at Art College is based over in Hong Kong now and has an Instagram account filled with amazing Macro photographs of insects and arthropods - check it out.

Ania pointed us towards the kickstarter for the Masters of Anatomy book - looks amazing!

Jason Rainville outlined what he thinks of as a regular "study schedule" for Art - hardcore.

This is Colossal featured these amazing cut newspapers that become like amazing lace from Myriam Dion -

Here's a tumblr post with some great approaches to figure drawing outlined on it.

David Kassan had this great History of Painting timeline over on his website. Really interesting to see all the overlaps!

That's it! Stay tuned for updates about where to find the PDF of our 24 hour comic day comics, and come back next Monday for our next Pub Scrawl #97 - Helen's Hedgehog is our Master now!

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