Saturday, October 5, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl Special Event - 24 Hour Comic Day 2013!

Hour One -

Hour Two -

I'm getting to the end of the planning stages...

Hour Three -

Patrick Gavin -

Hour Four - barely moved

Caspar Shelley -

Hour Five - #scene missing#

Hour Six -

James Newell -

Hour Seven - #scene missing#

Hour Eight (One third done) -

Liam begins to produce things that look like comics! We're well on the way!

Hour Eleven - Patrick and Caspar bow out:

Caspar -

Patrick -

Hour Fourteen - Garry bows out:

Hour Fifteen - Ronan bows out, his *beautiful* scroll not finished this night, sadly.

6 AM Check-in! Are we still making something recognisable as comics?

Me -

James Newell -

Declan Carroll -

Liam Naughton -

Brian Naughton -

Hour 22 - Declan has bowed out. The Naughton's (Brian and Liam) were gone a small while before.

Hour 24 - The Day is Done.

James Newell - 5 meticulous pencilled pages -

Me - 24 pages pencilled, 20 with ink outlines, full ink on 1. Nice! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more work than I did last year.

Thanks everybody! Happy 24 hour comic day!

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