Monday, February 10, 2014

Admin Monday... let me see.... 10 FEB 2014?

Hey everybody! I have to go back and add details for all the photos on the Pub Scrawl posts, I'm a few behind at the moment, sorry about that! Work has taken to scheduling me for Tuesday mornings, so I just barely have time to upload the pics on a Monday night before I collapse to bed. But anyways, for now an Admin Monday, with all the links and updates from our Facebook group - join us there!


Chuck suggested that maybe we should go on a Pub Scrawl cinema date:


Brian from Drink & Draw Sligo linked to this -

pretty cool!

Aaron Diaz has moved his Silmarillion Project material to a new Tumblr - look at those character designs!

Check out Android Jones' Gallery at integrallife.

There's some really good digital art resources free to download at ArtByPapercut.

I forgot February first was Hourly Comics Day. The idea is to make a little mini-comic an hour for every hour you're awake, about what you did that hour. If you poke around the internet, you can find some nice ones from this year -

Kim Jung Gi did a live drawing demonstration - you can see the recorded version here.

And Conor linked to these cool pictures made from folds in paper - awesome.

Make sure to join us next Monday in McSwiggans for Galway Pub Scrawl #105 - The Poo Chorus!

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