Monday, May 19, 2014

Admin Monday 19th MAY 2014


We had a little sneak peak at our 30 day drawing challenge topics at Dr Sketchy's Galway last Saturday. Go on to our 30 day drawing challenge page to get your own preview of what we'll all be tackling this year.

Our very own Jay Penn was making videos at the weekend of his process -

And Katie Creaven's Scruffy Morris website is LIVE. Go check it out.


Kim Jung Gi is releasing a comic and it looks AMAZING.

Logothief documents a lot of... Logo theft. Suprising how many of them are such direct steals.

There's a cool documentary about Greg Ruth and his inking techniques, the Drybrush Master -

The Drybrush Master from Ben Tobin on Vimeo.

Hairy Green Eyeball ran all the pages from the collected Spirit #1 by Eisner - and his style is still as impressive as ever.

You've probably all heard about DANGERDUST by now, because they were all over the everywhere on the internet this week, but if you haven't, check them out! Guerilla chalkboard Art? Awesome.

Helen found this great article on Herge! So much information!

We were all sad to hear the passing of H.R. Giger this week... Brian found a great article commemorating him.

Mary obviously wants me to up my Origami game by linking to articles like this one.

Alanna found this great and easy to follow Vector Art tutorial, as well as some pointers for designing isometric buildings.

I've been thinking about our Drawing Challenges, old and new, and being reminded of previous years when I find things like the Disney Tarot by dmorte on DeviantArt.

That's it (for the moment) but make sure to come visit us in the back room of McSwiggans next Monday for Pub Scrawl #111 - The kind of Ph.D. you find in the street!

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