Monday, May 5, 2014

Admin Monday 5th MAY 2014


Our 30-day drawing challenge is right around the corner! Get ready for action on the 1st of June 2014. Myself and the other Pub Scrawl admins have worked hard on a really, really good list of topics this year, I'm really looking forward to unveiling them and seeing everyone's Art! Sharpen your pencils.

Our new "sister" group, Urban Sketchers Galway has become an official member of the Urban Sketching movement. Call into our blog or come join us at our next event for more.

Speaking of just around the corner, our friends at Dr. Sketchy's Galway are soon having their next event, on the 15th of May. The theme is "Back to the Future", so book your tickets now.

091 labs have moved location. Call into one of their open nights on Tuesdays to get a look at their new space on Raleigh Row.

AND - go join the Galway Game Craft event 2014 for a fun weekend of making computer games - they need Artists as much as they need coders, etc. It looks like a great time.


There's an amazing new paint-over/critique site at You have to join their Facebook group, upload your Art & join the conversation to get the advantage of real experts helping you out! is lining up to be a replacement for the sad demise of CGHub.

British Pathé have put their entire library on Youtube. Search the channel for "Art" for some highly entertaining clips.

Locust Moon comics are commissioning loads of amazing Artists to make tributes to Windsor McKay & Little Nemo - you have to go check them out.

Conor linked us to this gallery of work by Michael Dashow - very cool work.

The Black Frog is one of my favourite, favourite, favourite Artists. He doesn't make half enough work to satisfy my cravings. Check out what there is on his site.

PaddyD. found the Artist's statements of the Old Masters.

Quickposes is a great tool for those of us who want to get ready for Dr. Sketchy's Galway!

Comics Unmasked is a fine looking exhibit in the British Library. There was a good write-up on it in The Guardian.

Patrick linked to these beautiful creations by Oskar Stalberg.

And Ger pointed to this article on Benjamin Sack drawing all the cities.

That's it, that's all. Make sure to join us in McSwiggans next Monday (the 12th of May) for our next Pub Scrawl #110 - Backing up like a Tonka Truck.

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