Monday, July 28, 2014

Admin Monday 28th JUL 2014

Here's hoping everyone got out to see a few things at the Galway Arts Festival & the Galway Fringe Festival! This week is Race Week in Galway, so we're keeping our heads down and drawing indoors mostly, but here's some things to go look at and read while that's exploding around you!


A lot of Artists are using Gumroad to sell cool tutorial videos - cheap! It's a nice new phase in Internet sales, especially if you want 70 minutes of Marco Nelor talking about inking. Check out Dan LuVisi and Dave Rapoza as well.

Iggy linked to a rather cool statue of the Joker by S.H. Figuarts.

Artforum have one of their "comics" issues out in the shops. The Great God Pan is Dead blog covers it here. It's not a bad read, although not exactly ground breaking either. You can get more in-depth material in the very next post.

If you want to find good comics to stuff your Amazon wishlist full of, or pester your local comic shop about, watch this video frame-by-frame. It's awesome.

Craig Mullins is an incredible concept artist

Helen linked to the awesome run down of how to draw for Storyboards on Flooby Nooby.

Conor pointed us in the direction of the interesting-looking Comics Jam event.

There's a Kickstarter for the "perfect sketchbook".

Vogue publish some interesting articles on Art on their webpage (and I assume in their magazine?) like this one about Instagram.

Locust Moon Comics made 3 times their goal for their tribute to Little Nemo book on Kickstarter, Dream Another Dream. They put up these awesome videos of some big names drawing - see videos from Windsor McCay, Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Pope, Dean Haspiel, Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba at the drawing table.

And Paste Magazine gives us this list of 15 amazing Comic Artists to follow on Instagram! It really tied the week together. :)

That's it for another fortnight of updates! Make sure to come join us on Monday the 4th of August for our next Galway Pub Scrawl #116 in McSwiggans!

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