Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Admin Monday 17th NOV 2014

More links and updates from your friendly Pub Scrawlers!


We're going to try and put together a Galway Pub Scrawl Sketchbook for the end of the Year. If you are even a part-time Pub Scrawler or 30 Day Drawing Challengeer, you can put some Art in for the "Galway Pub Scrawlbook 2014". Details are on the Facebook Page. If you're a supporter, the Scrawlbook will be available to pick up soon (-ish)!

Our friends in Dr. Sketchy's Dublin are getting profiled on TG4 this Thursday at 22:10 Irish time! Keep an eye out!


Everyone has probably seen the Bill Watterson page for Angouleme?

Speaking of cartooning, I enjoy the posts on the "Things by Dan" blog, especially when he breaks down types of pens and their mark making capabilities.

If you haven't seen the products from International Self Portrait Day, you are MISSING OUT. Get on over to the Facebook Album and be inspired.

I've been looking for a good write-up of the 80:20 (also sometimes called the 70:30) rule/concept. While I continue my hunt/warm up to bother to do one myself, here's a great post on Contrast and Variety over at the Temple of the Seven Golden Camels.

Helen linked to Molly Crabapple's 15 rules to creative success in the Internet Age on Boing Boing.

This project by Austin Light illustrates movie titles with one letter removed. Excellent concepts.

The key to awesome fake game trailers is 100% commitment -

Starr Mazer from Imagos Films on Vimeo.

The Great God Pan is Dead was linking to these awesome videos from the "Cute!" exhibit at Rice Cubicle :

The Leaf Woman & the Centaur from Jordan Bruner on Vimeo.

Iggy was also linking to videos this week - real cool ones about floating ink on water to make pictures

Could you enjoy a music video made with pen & ink? I did -

Last Ex- Girl Seizure from Gabe Mangold on Vimeo.

That was the fun we were having over on Facebook for the last fortnight! Come hang out with us next Monday in McSwiggans for Galway Pub Scrawl #124 - more forested than you!.

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