Monday, March 20, 2017

Catch-up Monday 20th MAR 2017

Admin Monday is back with a collection of links & updates from our Facebook Group and beyond! Join the group to get this information & invites to all our events first, and don't forget to check the Art from our last Pub Scrawl, Painting with our Foreheads!



Patrick noticed that O'Brien Press is looking for a paid intern to work in their design department, for those of you looking.


I'm not sure how useful paint that only reveals itself when wet would be in Galway, but it exists anyway!

We all probably need horse maquettes in our lives

Would you like a font that changes as you type?

My friend Charlene wrote an awesome blog post about how to develop a writing portfolio - but the advice holds true for visual Art too!

Donato Giancola talks miscellaneous Dragon designs over at Muddy Colors.

The finalists are up for the Spectrum 24 Entries - needless to say, there's some gorgeous stuff here.

Patrick linked to this handy-dandy list of possible Art Careers, for those of us wondering where the hell we're going.

Jameswas telling me about the awesome movement in the dancing in this video from Lorn -

There were some very cool winners of the Wellcome Image Awards, which awards images about Science, Medicine and Life.


We'll be back in McSwiggans on Monday the 27th of March for our next Galway Pub Scrawl #182 - Hung for a sheep as a lamb.

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