Monday, September 23, 2013

Admin Monday 23rd SEPT 2013

Wow, our 4th Birthday Party was a blast! Thanks to the staff of McSwiggans again for putting up with us & all who came. Those who couldn't make it, it was not the same without ye. :) Come and join us again soon!

Here's your admin Monday round-up of everything we were looking at on our Facebook group -


We have a twitter account for our announcements! Follow us @galwaypubscrawl

24 hour comic day is approaching fast on October the 5th! We'll keep you apprised of the details, but we'll be repeating last years heroic run somewhere, somehow.

Stephanie linked to a great looking font design workshop in Dublin on October the 3rd. It's quite pricey, but I bet it would be worth it.

And Daire Lynch wants you! to go to the Cong Fringe Festival.


Arnie Fenner has some reason to add to the recent "greatest commencement speeches ever" trend. It's okay to slog at the coal face. Keep your feet on the ground while your eyes are trained on the sky.

Nicola Verlato mixes classical painting, Greek Myth and Sci-Fi in awesome compositions.

There was a great post on imgur about how to recognise different Artists. It's like an Art History survey course in one page.

Aaron Beck is an awesome concept artist who worked on Elysium - there's some concept work up from the film.

Did you ever hear of One Thousand Thousand? Artists Jason A. McHenry and Christopher Dyer have been working on making a million paintings together, sometimes with other people involved too. They've waxed and waned on output over the years, but are currently on a high spell. You can buy them on their website, but it's the pure collaboration involved that I like. or on Facebook.

The limited animation in this story's illustrations are really cool, very well done. Just scroll down through the page to watch stuff move about as you go. Very clever!

That's it, that's all - make sure to join us next week for - Holy moly - Pub Scrawl #96! Meaner than bikers to PETA!

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