Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our 4th Birthday! Woo-hoo!

We had a kicking 4th birthday! Huge thanks to the super friendly staff at McSwiggans as always for their years of tolerating us. :D And thanks to everyone who turned up, and all who brought treats. Helen, Katie & Yolande brought delicious baked goods. :) We all had a great time - 4 more years!

Here's the group cake shot!

And here's a rare Pub Scrawl pic - one with me in it!

Mo was rocking the Balloon Animals....

... but being Mo, she didn't take them too seriously.

Yolande was keeping the craft quotient up.

While I was showing Katie how to make butterflies.

Katie was making some of her great Scruffy Designs as well - and wearing a lovely tiara!

While Dermo had his take on a Japanese plate pattern.

Patrick was rocking a hat and drawing some awesome stuff.

While Mary was also on the origami train...

... and drawing beautiful trees.

Jay was knocking it out of the park with these pieces.

And I was doing some Sci-Fi.

Oisin was drawing this great picture, but my flash washed it out a bit. :(

And Alan drew this - nice.

BOOM! Great birthday you guys. You can follow us on twitter now for announcements. Make sure to check back next Monday for our admin updates and in two weeks for another amazing PUB SCRAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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