Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Admin Monday 17 JUN 2013 #goddamnititstuesdayagain

Another bunch of stuff from your friendly local Pub Scrawl! By the time the next one of these are due out, it'll be time for our annual 31 Day Drawing Challenge - so be ready for that on the first of July!


Myself, Jay and Patrick went wandering about the Burren with the Sceitse gang - There's some photographs around and some amount of Art was done (but not much cos it was very wet all day) which I'll have to try and round up to show you guys when I have a chance. :)

Update: I found some of those photographs

Nico made this sweet GPS promotional video:

Give him feedback over on youtube!

Jay is doing an awesome project of his own - 100 heads in 100 days - go check his blog out, immediately.


Long time friend and sometime Scrawler James Newell had some Art featured over on the Quaequam Blog

- I want to see more of that!

Today's Inspiration had a great post on Stan Galli. The other cool thing is they linked to where you can get an ebook of his "Solving Visual Problems: An Artist's Life" for free!

The ARC Art Renewal Centre has their 2013 ARC Salon winners up here - beautiful art over there.

You can - and should - buy a download version of the Jeffrey Catherine Jones documentary now. An amazing Artist who led quite a life - I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

I was saying over on our Facebook group that the Art blogs are great during the Summer because their output goes up and definitely give us more and more great links day in, day out. I came across this awesome one about colour, colour theory and sociology summarising the Berlin/Kay study - I'm making it sound boring again, but it isn't.

And Printeresting have been running an amazing series of articles on various MFA shows that have caught their eyes called All These Theses - I thought this one was particularly awesome from Sang Eun Lee!

That's it you guys! Come back in a week for another Pub Scrawl Art blast - Pub Scrawl #89: Dr Who you looking at? - and in two weeks time for our 31 Day Drawing Challenge 2013!

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