Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #89 - Dr Who you looking at? PLUS pre-drawing challenge Admin round-up!

Another night of fun and hi-jinks in the pub! BUT FIRST - Our 31 Day Drawing Challenge kicks off next Monday, so we won't have any more Admin updates while all that hectic madness is going on, so here's what we've been talking about/looking at for the last week or so -


When this goes up you should still have a few hours left to help the Galway Festival Radio Fund it - coverage of all the Galway summer festivals! They only need a few bob for a great project to come good, so throw them some money if you have it to spare!

Friend of Pub Scrawl Daire Lynch has a cool promotional video:

Paul Conway was in touch with us looking for a digital artist - his words:

"I'm a freelance 2D game artist based in Galway, and I may be looking to outsource some graphics work in the coming weeks. It was recommended that I check out this group. Is there anyone posting / lurking here with decent drawing and digital art skills (E.G. Photoshop / Flash) that might be interested? I'd preferably like to work with somebody in the Galway area, but it's not a deal breaker."

You can contact him - paul (at) doomcube.com

And ArteCarnival are looking for people to fill a few more tables in their pop-up shop space!


ProkoTV has moved on from his facial features series to start on videos on drawing the whole figure -

While browsing for topics for the 31 Day Drawing Challenge, I found this : http://www.supercoloring.com/

Kim Thompson of Fantagraphics passed away last week - The Great God Pan is dead blog had a nice write up of a man who spent his life keeping the Art in comics.

And Pennance has a really nice deviantArt Gallery. :)

And now - the Art of today:

We were in the back bar! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loads of room and lots of drawing space!

Here's the busy table -

Alanna drew a Cat and a weird sex pervert Dwarf. :D

Dermo drew a tentacle James Gandolfini -

Linda was drawing a dolphin because Jay said Fungi didn't exist, or something....

And Jay was giving us a little sneak peek at the next head in his 100 head drawing self-challenge!

Here's the crafty table -

Helen working on this beautiful piece -

And Linda at her first Pub Scrawl!

Here's the kids table - ;)

Patrick was working away as usual

Ger was kicking ass with this cityscape.

Katie was drawing a tiny soprano...

And new Scrawler Liam drew this - awesome!

New Scrawler Laura was playing with text -

And Keith returned triumphantly with this -

I've forgotten what Kevin called this. It'll come back to me.

And, of course, the naughty table (which I'm including myself in)

Yolande was making this nice crochet piece...

Mary was working with her great markers colours.

And I was trying to draw a Tony Soprano for the Irish Sketch Society's weekly challenge.

And Chuck continues his career arc towards outsider sex art. ;)

This is why we love our friends in McSwiggans - they had left over profiteroles, so we got them! Yay!

Of course, Chuck had to dare Yolande to eat the whole thing at once, so she nearly died...

Come join us all through July for our 31 Day Drawing Challenge and on the 8th for the next Galway Pub Scrawl - number 90!!!! - Dirty Deals in the Backroom!

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