Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #88 - Already one cultural reference behind....

Sorry about the terrible photos tonight - there seems to be an unwritten rule when I work before Pub Scrawl - I will forget my camera. :( Maybe it's just I'll be predictably tired and a bit confused. Anyway, all were taken on the smartphone rather than with a decent camera, so they ain't great. No group shot either, which makes me sad.

LOTS of Superman tonight, cos that was the theme over at our friends in the Irish Sketch Society.

Terrible photo of Ger's awesome piece - he thought I said Man *IN* Steel...

Yolande is working on in the craft corner - Helen was in too but ran away before I pulled the camera out!

Jay continues his awesome Wind in the Willows project!

And now - Supermans!

Mine -


Dermo's -

Nico's -

Oisin's -

and Mary's -

And Patrick was remote scrawling from Worcester - here's The Queen mixed with Queen, apparently. :)

Awesome! Come check back in a week for more updates and in two weeks time for another exciting Galway Pub Scrawl!!!!!!!!!!!

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