Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Admin Monday 3rd JUNE 2013

(Or Tuesday the 4th... y'know, whatever)


Some of us are motivated and ready to go on the Sceitse trip to the Burren! Get in touch or join their group on Facebook for more details.

From what I hear, the first night of Laydeez do Comics went well! Maybe we'll hear some more from Maura about it (or the next one - scheduled for September, I believe) soon.


Patrick found this invaluable tutorial -

or this tutorial invaluable?

Drawn! is gone. :( RIP. Here is a heart-felt farewell from it's founder.

I love the Art, Illustrations and Animations on display on Emmanuelle Walker's webpage.

There's a new book and teaching resource out for those who don't like drawing from reference. :)

ImagineFX were running a vote for "Best Artist" and "Best Cover" for their 100th issue, coming up soon... When the page was working it was a cool visual of all the Art they've lauded over the last 8 years or thereabouts. I don't think there's anything there now though. :( Keep an eye out for the 100th issue.

Our correspondent from the other side of the planet (although I believe she's working her way back as we speak), Ruth C, linked us to these awesome WWII illustrations by Weston Emmart.

And the Rijksmuseum are letting everyone download high res pictures of their collection - for free! (You do have to make an account, and if you are doing it for commercial reasons, you still owe them. Fair warning!)

And to wrap up this week, we'll leave you with this image by Patrick. Now you can't un-see it either. See you next week!

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