Monday, July 1, 2013

Drawing Challenge JUL 2013 - Day One - Portrait (not a self portrait)

Welcome to the first day of our July 31 Day Drawing Challenge! Excitement is in the air as the gang tackle the topic of Portrait (not a self portrait). Don't forget it's the Year of the Tentacle, so if you can fit a tentacle into your piece you get extra points!

Here's a little inspiration/intimidation for the day's challenge, the list of finalists for the Portrait Society of America's 2013 International Portrait Competition.

John Singer Sargent defined a Portrait as "a likeness in which there is something wrong about the mouth" - can our intrepid Scrawlers avoid this mis-step or is it inevitable? Let's find out....

James Newell - Portrait of a Bionic Woman.

Irene Arnold - Dali-Kahlo-van Gogh without the Pearl Earring

Ruth Campion - Portrait of her first teddy

Patrick Gavin - "Angie"

Donal Fallon - Yolande reading.

Michael Craughwell - Baby Christopher sleeping (with a fake mustache)

EMG - Portrait of a woolen man

Jay - "an ordinary looking fellow"

It's worth noting that Jay is tying his into his own personal challenge over on his blog, 100 heads in 100 days! Check it out!

Grace Mitchell - Portrait of a Gamer

Mary Lillis - Portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch

Ciara Brehony - portrait of her husband sleeping

Paddy Delaney - Portrait of Kurt Cobain

Fiona O'Brien - fatheaded tinybodied Colin Firth

Ania Banannia - Pink Hair Interpretation

Daire Lynch - Portrait of Richard who now lives in Berlin

Liz Walsh - "Sideways Sam"

Erika King - Portrait of Nick Cave

Liosa Mac - Portrait of Mary Mac

Liam Krewer - Portrait of Laura Wilkins

Andrew Judge - Portrait of "Barry Morgan"

Anne Bolger - Portrait of her niece

Katie Creaven - Portrait of Patrick Gavin

Ash Clancy - Portrait of Petyr Baelish

Gordon MacKay - Chuck Liddell

Brian Cunningham - Henrik Larsson

Rachel Fallon - Portrait of Christian

Kevin Gough - Portrait of a guy from work

Michelle McKinney - Fabian Cancellera

Joris Burla - Durer's self-portrait

Anita McGarry - Rufus Swell

David O'Flynn - Fiona

Ani Chioma Kulapo - Don Draper

Stuart Hall - Not *A* self-portrait, several...

Laura Wilkins - Liam Krewer

Paula Healy - Bernard Black having a nap

Ciara Nulty - Johnny Depp as Sam

Katrina O'Connor - Katie Price

Kerry Law - Portrait of a bird-killer (not a real bird)

Joe Mac (our youngest Challenger!) - Buzz Lightyear

Fausto Coppi by Alan Cunningham

They did well, didn't they? Make sure to call back to us tomorrow to check out everyone's entries for Day Two - An Advertisement for you, doing what you want to do for a living!

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