Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Drawing Challenge JUL 2013 - An Ad for you, doing what you want to do for a living...

Day One was an absolute BARNSTORMER you guys - the lid was lifted well and truly off. 35 amazing portraits on Day One. The 31 Day Challenge never rests though - it's straight into Day Two!

"An Advertisement for you, doing what you want to do for a living"

James Newell - Deadliest Comic Artist Alive

EMG - International Do Gooder

Daire Lynch - does it already, he says. ;)

Mykul - Supreme Space Warrior Emperor God King

Paula Healy - What she's already at! (some caveats apply)

Ciara Brehony - Lepidopterist

Liosa MacNamara - Proprietor of the Sad Story Hotel

PaddyD. - Novelist and Coffee Drinker

Liz Walsh - Making Owl prints!

Gordon MacKay - Artist

Kevin Gough - Space Debris Remover/Planet Colonizer

Rachel Fallon - Holy Mother of Jobs

Ani Chioma Kulapo - Expert Jungle Mycologist

Patrick Gavin - Staring at the sky art dude.

Andrew Judge - "Psychic Barry"

Liam Krewer - "The Blacksmith"

Grace Mitchell - do what you love, a living or no - have a cup of tea and a smoke...

Michelle McKinney - Analytical Chemist for hire

Mary Lillis - Evil Genius Services

Erika King - Alternative Indie Rock DJ for hire

Katie Creaven - to act and star in cult TV shows

Ciara Nulty - "Instant Antidepressant" - I can't remember the exact words she used... running the worlds most relaxing spa?

Joris Burla - Yes I Draw

Brian Cunningham - Artist for Hire

Irene Arnold - Crochet

Sinead O'Toole - The Natural Garden Nursery

David O'Flynn - Dave's Discount Dragon Deposits

Katrina O'Connor - Most colourful Artist

Kerry Law - Art Teacher Extraordinaire!

Joe Mac - Superhero for hire

Alan Cunningham - "I will shout at you, you will be better, money"

Rebecca - Translation Services

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