Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Drawing Challenge JUL 2013 - Your Spirit Animal

Your Spirit Animal - also known as your Power Animal - is a shamanistic spirit of an animal that mirrors your personality and guides you through life, if you only have the ability to listen.

Luckily, for those of us who can't or don't listen, Fiona found a handy quiz! Determine your Spirit Animal here!

EMG - Dinosaur

James Newell - Sloth

Yolande O'Brien - Otter

(I feel I have to explain that both myself and Yolande got Otter on the quiz)

Daire Lynch - Big Gay Bear

Paula (dactyl) Healy

Michael Craughwell - Hawk

Helen Gomez - Heron

Jay Penn - Mr. Badger

Mary Lillis - Swan

Gordon MacKay - Gorilla

Liosa MacNamara - Spirit Animal

PaddyD. - Hawk

Kevin Gough - Raven

Edel Ryder-Hanrahan - Spider

Grace Mitchell - Duckling

Ciara Brehony - Swan

Michelle McKinney - Tenta-Kitty

David O'Flynn - Wolf

Liam Krewer - 8-bit tentacle

Liam Krewer - 8-bit tentacle (enlarged)

Bernard McGlinchey - Monkey

Andrew Judge - "More likely a Vulture"

Rachel Fallon - Shoe Spider

Katrina O'Connor - Wolf

Erika King - Swan

Liz Walsh - Fox

Brian Cunningham - Wolf

Ani Chioma Kulapo - Sarky Cat

Kerry Law - My Inner Otter

Ciara Nulty - Wolf

Katie Creaven - Butterfly

Patrick Gavin - RAWR!!!

Joe Mac (our youngest challenger) - Cat

Anita McGarry - Wolf

Rebecca - Lassie Dog

Alan Cunningham - Rat

Joris Burla - Raven

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