Friday, July 5, 2013

Drawing Challenge JUL 2013 Day 5 - Invisibility!

(Maybe the blogger should be invisible today too - here's the Art)

James Newell - Invisible Cat

Yolande O'Brien - Milford Man

Daire Lynch

Katrina O'Connor - Invisible Figure

Michael Craughwell

Rebecca - Invisuble

Invisible Grace in front of her house

Brian Cunningham

Bernard McGlinchey

Erika King

Katie Creaven

Liosa MacNamara


Andrew Judge

Anita McGarry

Kevin Gough

Gordon MacKay

Liam Krewer - "my favourite manga character Shi-Woon Yi (from The Breaker: New Waves) is beating up an invisible man"


Ani Chioma Kulapo -

Joe Mac (6)

Patrick Gavin - The Art of Invisibility...

Ciara Nulty

Paula Healy - Invisible Bride & Groom

Mary Lillis

Alan Cunningham -

Michelle McKinney

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