Sunday, July 14, 2013

31 Day Drawing Challenge JUL 2013 Day 15 - Under the Bed!

Day 15! Just about half way through and this year has been a BLAST! So much energy has been put in, we're hoping you get that energy back as entertainment. Today's challenge is "Under the bed" and the year's theme is tentacles, so we'll assume you're about to see so monsters. But first, give a little love to the amazing participants in this year's challenge - "like" their Facebook pages, +1 their blogs, follow their tumblrs, subscribe to their websites -


Michael Craughwell -
Andrew Judge -
Daire Lynch -
Liosa Mac -

Galway Pub Scrawl -
Joris Burla -
Kevin Gough -
Mary Lillis -
James Newell -
Jay Penn -

Facebook Pages:
Irene Arnold -
Donal Fallon -
Liosa Mac -

Andrew Judge -
Stephanie Power -

Donal Fallon -


Patrick Gavin -
Gordon MacKay -
Mary Lillis -
Stephanie Power -

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James Newell

Michael Craughwell

Jay Penn

Liosa Mac

Gordon MacKay

Andrew Judge


Erika King

Kevin Gough

Katie Creaven

Brian Cunningham

Joris Burla

Patrick Gavin

Ciara Brehony

Edel Ryder-Hanrahan

Ani Chioma Kulapo


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