Sunday, June 22, 2014

30 Day Drawing Challenge JUN 2014 - Urban Sketch

You can find the complete list of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Topics here. If you've been enjoying the drawing challenge, you might share a link to the blog on your social networks! Thanks everybody.

Day Twenty Two - Make an Urban Sketch! We'll be out at Quay Street, Galway with Urban Sketchers Galway if you want to join us.

Go over to the Urban Sketchers Galway blog to read more about the day we had!

Angeline Cooke -

Caitriona Ryan -

Ruth Campion -

Scott Sibbald -

Patricia Hehir -

Nora Shaughnessy -

Roisin Cure -

Patricia Kavanagh -

Ruth McHugh -

Kerry MacLure -

Josephine Boland -

Jay Penn -

Donal Fallon -

Philip Barrett -

Other entries -

Aideen Fallon -

Gordon MacKay -

Joris Burla -

Gerard Coady -

Patrick Gavin -

James Newell -

Tomorrow: Day Twenty Three - Re-imagine a pulp character as a modern day/futuristic character or a Noir version of a nursery rhyme character (at Pub Scrawl #113!)

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