Wednesday, June 18, 2014

30 Day Drawing Challenge JUN 2014 - Favourite Internal Organ

Sorry about the slow updates - Galway is having it's annual Summer week, so between work and socialising and generally turning off for the week, things have been rolling more slowly. You can find the complete list of 30 Day Drawing Challenge Topics here. If you've been enjoying the drawing challenge, you might share a link to the blog on your social networks! Thanks everybody.

Day Seventeen - Favourite Internal Organ

Aideen Fallon -

Gerard Coady -

Brian Cunningham -

Gordon MacKay -

Philip Barrett -

Patrick Gavin -

Aghna Fallon -

Mike Dwyer -

James Newell - James says this music goes with this picture -

Joris Burla -

Tomorrow: Day Seventeen - Something Gold/Yellow

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