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30 Day Drawing Challenge JUN 2014 - Design a Lady Knight

The half-way point! Woo! Down below you'll find today's Art. But first, a little homework for you readers. Please use the links below to show our contributors some love by liking their Facebook pages, following their Twitters or Tumblrs or Instagrams, reading their blogs, +1'ing their Google Pages, whatever it takes! Share this blog on your social networks! SHOW THE LOVE!!

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Day Fifteen - Design a Lady Knight

If you want a fun way to do this, you can use Dogbomber's Lady Knight Generator. Go to his tumblr page, here. Press your "Print Screen" button. Open any graphics program - even MS Paint will do. Click on Edit > Paste and you will be given 5 traits. Incorporate 4 of them in designing your Lady Knight!

Fiona O'Brien - Lady Knight(rider)

Aideen Fallon -

Donal Fallon -

Gordon MacKay -

Philip Barrett -

Gerard Coady -

Brian Cunningham -

Aghna Fallon -

Mike Dwyer -

Joris Burla -

Katie Creaven -

Patrick Gavin -

James Newell -

Tomorrow: Day Sixteen - Fear into Fantasy

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