Monday, January 17, 2011

Another odd monday, another (odd) post. Let's see, let's see...

Dr. Sketchy's Dublin is definitely signed up for a Cork trip! Don't rule out an appearance in Galway yet, but if you want a definite non-Dublin appearance, mark your calenders for the Cork weekend!

The NUIG Art Soc is getting a magazine/brochure ready for the Muscailt week which is to be peeked at - there may be some great Pub Scrawl art featured!

Something else art related was buzzing around inside my head, but I think it fell out since. I'll just throw out a few links instead:

Check out Emma's blog - she's a really good friend of mine, an insanely great fine artist and Pub Scrawl happens in the same room as one of her prints. ;)

And speaking of insanely great artists, check out Ballpoint Heaven!

Be in McSwiggans next monday for the Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuub Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl!

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