Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RIP Jeffrey Catherine Jones. Next Pub Scrawl - Monday 30th.

A sad weekend for fans of Fantasy Art, Jeffrey Catherine Jones passed away. The world *should* miss her talent, but many will go on not knowing what's been lost. Still, at least the Art survives. Poke around that homepage, you should not be disappointed (at the Art - her death is very disappointing).

Anyhoo, her sad passing led to some interesting reflections on Fantasy Art in the blogosphere, I think this Muddy Colours one by Arnie Fenner is the best one I read, because it focusses on beginnings, not endings. And it's pretty inspirational. You should go check it out. Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you feel your art is schlubby now, know it will improve and you can scale great heights with some dedication!

And you can hone that dedication with some encouragement from your peers - Pub Scrawl #41 - The Witch King's Birthday was the next day is next Monday, 30th of May in McSwiggans, Woodquay, Galway.

See you all there.

donalfall out.

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