Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pub Scrawl 42 - Ploit!

Awesome time at the last Pub Scrawl! Sorry I've been a little slow on blog updating. I've been having a week. Anyways, what you're really here for - photos!

Quite a gathering for the scrawl!

Mary was on a fruits & nuts kick - here's a nice apple from her.

Eoghan was doing his usual maps, but there was a nice mark making going on on the page.

Our new Scrawler, Sarah, suggested "Australian Animals that KILL!" as a topic, and I could only think of the Opossum Sniper.

Mo went for the that's-not-a-knife Spider.

Ger Coady, bringing the talent...

...working on some cool pictures.

Sarah & Yolande were doing great work at their end of the table.

Sarah on the Australian Animal Topic.

Yolande often finishes her knitted pieces later, so I forget to capture them. Here's the pieces of Tigger she was working on.

Ruaidhri was scribbling away, so now he's managed to attend and draw. :)

Iggy & Dermo, hard at work...

Iggy on Knights....

and Dermo on the lethal Australian Stingray.

That was it for the Pub Scrawl! Fun Times!

donalfall out.

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