Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Galway Pub Scrawl #45 - Working on being 30% Sexier

McSwiggans was soooooooo busy last monday. It's like everyone everywhere poured into the place. We squeezed into some corners and got on with the job. This is work, people. :)


Aghna did this little guy -

Jenny gave us a post apocalyptic songbird -

Patrick is looking 30% sexier. Or at least there's about 30% less of him!

... but his mind turns to running Bosco for President! Psychopath (Pat or Bosco? You decide).

Is Yolande knitting a familiar character? I think so.

Eibhlin works on a face in her overlapping pen colour style - looking great!

And my contribution.

Tune in in two weeks for the next Pub Scrawl!

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