Sunday, March 4, 2012

Galway Pub Scrawl #56 - Trust

Sooooooooooooo I pretty much forgot these photos - here was the thing - our last Pub Scrawl was during the new non-official "Rag Week" or student week here in Galway, which I had forgotten when I set up the date. So when I realised my error (on the day) I only went as far as the pub to see if anyone had turned up on the off-chance they braved the crowds. So, I left my camera behind. So, these are useless cell phone pics (Actually, my new phone doesn't take awful pictures, I'm just being dramatic).

There was some fun to be had - check these pictures OUT!

I should put up what I did as well, but I didn't photo or scan it yet. :( Myself and Patrick and Mo went to visit the Drink Draw Cork last Thursday (where we had fun with their theme of Pirates!) - must upload the pictures from that too, later. They're having a weekend trip to Dublin at the end of the month with various drawing activities. Some people are going up to see what's happening on the Saturday, seeing as they're going to the amazing Dr. Sketchy's for their end of month Saturday session. If you want to make your way there, you can. If you want to go for more of the weekend or whatever, Ed's contact details are on the Drink Draw post. I'ld reckon they have their accommodations and forth all wrapped up, but at least you could sort out complimentary arrangements.

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