Monday, November 5, 2012

Admin Monday 05 NOV 2012

Another week of news and links from your friendly local Pub Scrawl -

Sketchtoberfest staggered towards some kind of ending! Click on the link for updates and pictures! :)

Alongside Jay posting his 24 hour comics day not-a-comic, Helen also published her comic and her thoughts on it on her blog. AND you can find James Newell's pages here.

I was encouraging everyone to make a self-portrait on's International Self-Portrait Day and go post it there.

I messed mine up something rotten, but I did get this snap of the pencils -

and here are some Pub Scrawl people's -

Stephanie Power -

Brian Naughton -

Anita McGarry

And some links! -

Niall "Young Jim" Fallon pointed us at the pencil drawing the world has been bowled over by -

DiegoKoi's Sensazioni

Ragz pointed us towards the images Ian Levine has revealed for "The Daleks' Master Plan"

I love the humour and the drawing on display in the Tragedy Series.

Helen pointed us towards this awesome art project for charity, which has me thinking....

I loved this article on how a Rhino turned into Cthulhu and this follow-up article on Murray Tinkelman's process.

D'Israeli wrote this amazing post on how he laid out his double page spread for a recent issue of 2000AD. AND he's re-vamping his "D'Freebies of D'Israeli" section. Go check it out!

The Spectrum Fantastic Art call for entries is up! Apply if you feel you're up to it!

James Gurney linked to the Mucha Documentary, now broken up and on youtube -

Part One here -

Faith is Torment highlighted this Cut Currency art by Scott Campbell - it's something else.

And that's it for another links & news day! I'll be in London when this posts - will try and find some fun news from there, for you. :)

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