Monday, December 3, 2012

Admin Monday 3rd Dec 2012

More news and links from your friendly local Pub Scrawl -

We had tons of fun in 091 labs last week for our Galway Lab Scrawl! Make sure to check back and see what we got up to!

Jay Penn has started a new blog interviewing Artists and reviewing books - go check it out!

Stephanie Power finished a project about conspiracy theories - she would like some appreciation on


Scarlett Nymph of our friends, Dr. Sketchy's Dublin, pointed us towards this amazing animation by Dr. Sketchy's founder, Molly Crabapple...

J. Bone shows us how to make a sketch diary/tumblr funny and insightful.

Riki Blanco made this amazing "book-like" experience entirely in Flash for you to download for free.

"Depopulated Hopper" shows how unimportant the figures are in Hopper's bleak Americana paintings.

Kim Jung Gi posted another jaw-dropping video on his youtube channel -

I sprang this one on the guys last weekend, go check out THECAB (The Concept Art Blog) and prepare to lose your week looking at it.

Chucky pointed out this cool list of the best Art Books of 2012 - I will be buying a few from this list, it is good.

Helen reminded us to try We Draw Comics

Jason Manley of just announced the next workshop - it's in London and on my birthday. Donations kindly accepted to get me there! :D

Dirk Bach's "story-filled" coloured pencil drawings are a joy to look at.

Michael Cho did these awesome drawings for Occidental College's recruitment booklet.

PaddyD. pointed us toward this website of a super talented Wildlife Artist, David Daly.

Tomoko Shintani draws really cute drawings and continues them onto her Starbucks cups.

And that's it from me for another fortnight... I feel like I'm forgetting something (which is what the edit button is for, amiright?)... make sure to check back next Monday for our adventures at another Galway Pub Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl!

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