Monday, October 21, 2013

Admin Monday 21 OCT 2013 - More good links

Another bunch of links and updates we were talking about over on the Facebook Group:


You can get the comics we made at 24 hour comic day here.

Maura McHugh has organised the next Laydeez do comics on the 30th of November in the Odessa Club, Dublin. Make sure to check them out if you like comics!

Roisin has started an 8 week sketching course in Clarinbridge You can contact her roisin.cure (at) to see if there's spaces.

And Mary pointed us in the direction of this contest - a chance to illustrate comic pages for Aaron D'Errico. Submit by November the 4th for a chance to win $2,000!


There was a good adaptation of what Charles Bukowski had to say on creativity and ideal conditions over on Brain Pickings.

This was a beautiful blend of animation and illustration/comics.

Awesome Fantasy and Sci-Fi illustrations are starting to turn up in the big auctions at Heritage.

I've been trying to adhere to the challenge of Inktober! that Jake Parker has set up. Follow Inktober! on tumblr, twitter and Instagram. Mine are on my Instagram account.

And I found these super informative blogs - Painting stuff to look like stuff and DigiQualia.

Patrick across some some handy figure drawing tips.

And our friends in Sub City showed us the link for this excellent set of comics - check it out!


Come join us next Monday for Pub Scrawl #98. #98 - The Flaming Wolf! Ooooh, snarl. Behave. Number 100 is looming!

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