Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Admin Monday-ish 19 NOV 2013

We're nearly at 100 Pub Scrawls! Our big number 100 is next week in McSwiggans, so make sure to come join us then!


So this evening, within an hour of posting, the Irish leg of the Sky Arts portrait Artist of the Year is on, featuring our friends in Dr. Sketchy's. Make sure to check it out at 8.


The Munich Art Hoard thing has been fascinating to me.

Patrick pointed us towards these amazing wire wrapped sculptures on This Is Colossal.

He also reminded us of the awesome "Masters of Anatomy" book that is being Kickstarted for the next 20-odd hours.

The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knifefighting has these funny animations of classic paintings -

Donato had a major exhibition of his works - sadly in Alabama, so tricky to get to - "From Middle-Earth to Space & Beyond"

"Friday Illustrated" is a great idea for a blog, and featured an interview with Eva!

Daire linked to the always-handy gesture drawing animation.

Jason Chan updated his blog with his most recent book covers and illustrations.

Leif Peng ran an amazing series on Ben Denison over on Today's Inspiration.

What would Superheroes do for a part time job?

"Painting Stuff to look like Stuff" is experimenting with a new tag "The Best Worst advice of my Art career".

Everyone make sure to come to our 100th Pub Scrawl next week! There may even be cake!

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