Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Admin Monday (2 days late!) - End of Year wrap-up 2013

That's it for Galway Pub Scrawl until 2014! Come join us at McSwiggans on the 6th of January for our next Pub Scrawl. There's going to be a lot more going on next year, so keep an eye on the site here or on our Facebook page for more details.


Myself and Caspar went outdoors drawing again, this time looking at Menlo Castle. We're going to do more of this next year, so keep an eye on this map.

Google are building a Gallery software for Artists and Institutions to showcase their work with embedding tools for websites, everything. It looks really awesome and you can apply for it here.


If you're at all familiar with clients, especially from a design point of view, you really have to check out for some very funny expressions of the frustrations of the client/designer life.

A guy in Texas is reverse-engineering a Camera Obscura to see if it's possible that Vermeer did work that way.

This poster is awesome - would you work on a project for the better part of a decade?

JeeYoung Lee makes these amazing fantasy scapes in her room -

Patrick shared this awesome Tumblr, Love the Kok so I immediately shared this Tumblr, by Bengal (trying to one-up each other).

Mary seemed to want to shock us - linking to articles about Vaginal Knitting

The Illustrator Sheilah Beckett passed away at the age of 100, still using her tablet and painting away on Photoshop. An inspiration to us all.

The Dr. Sketchy's crew had a video made! It's very cool.

DR SKETCHY'S DUBLIN: in the Nutcracker from mcgarry on Vimeo.

Robin Chyo has started a "process" section on his website. It gives a nice insight into how he approaches his work.

Here's a cool collection of Anime flipbooks -

You have to check out Jeff Victor's "Sharkham Asylum" project.

The British Library put up 1,000,000 images into the public domain for free use by anyone who wants to mess with them!

And Ger pointed us towards this guy, who draws himself and his cat in the style of different cartoonists.

You can grab Photoshop CS2 for free at the moment, so swing on over to Adobe.

Thanks everyone for a great 2013! Remember to join us January for the next Pub Scrawl #102 - Stop making fun of my little blue Smurf!

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