Monday, March 24, 2014

Admin Monday 24th MAR 2014

WOAH! There has been an awful lot of excitement in Pub Scrawl towers recently. You can find some of what we've been up to on the Facebook page and over on the new Urban Sketchers Galway blog. Join up with the new Urban Sketchers Galway group there or on their Facebook page!


Mary made us some new banners! You've probably noticed how slick the top of page is looking -

Please give us a +1 on Google and share us with your friends to help show off our new image!

Dr. Sketchy's Galway will be having their next event on the 5th in Kelly's and their next one confirmed for the 10th of May in Monroe's Live! Buy your tickets as soon as they become available!

Drink and Draw Sligo are talking about having an event soon! Go check their Facebook page and keep your diaries open between the 7th - 10th of April if you're in the Sligo neighbourhood. ;)


Helen linked an article on the amazing skills of Daniel Van Der Noon and the intricate cityscapes he draws.

There's a full upload of the Wyeth's World documentary by Michael Palin - essential watching.

David Gray put up an awesome tutorial video on transferring your drawing to you final support for painting using the Oil Transfer method -

All the human skin tones are being matched to their pantone colours over on the ongoing project, the Humanae Tumblr.

Brian Cunningham from Drink and Draw Sligo sent us a link to this great video of Stan Lee giving advice to young creators, talking about his creative process, etc.

I've become a little addicted to sketchbook walkthrough videos on Youtube since I posted the amazing Scott Robertson/Darren Quach sketchbook walkthrough last fortnight. This one from Jake Parker is outstanding -

We had a bit of a confab over on the Facebook page about good Art podcasts - if you know some more, tell us in the comments or join us there with some more good links!

Here's the few we talked about:
Suggested Donation
Dirty Sponge
Make it, then tell everybody
& Sidebar Nation

The Flooby Nooby blog had some tips on drawing and character design from Robert Cory - done in charming cartoons and illustrations! You should go check it out.

You can find some cool images in this exhibition catalog - Heroes, Villains, Myths, Legends at the Rehs Contemporary Gallery. It's a nice mix of Fantasy/Realism/Contemporary pictures.

Keep coming back to check out the blog or come join us on the 31st in McSwiggans for the next Galway Pub Scrawl!

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