Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Admin errr... Wednesday 27th AUG 2014 (sorry I'm late)

Here's another round of links and updates from your friendly local Pub Scrawl!


Jay has started an Etsy Shop - you can find his stuff here

Our "big sister" group, Drink & Draw Cork turned 5! That means ours is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Galway Pub Scrawl is getting old, you guys.

What else? Don't forget there's a Dr. Sketchy's coming up on the 6th - Magical Creatures and to go check out a open night at 091 labs! There's bound to be other stuff I'm forgetting, so make sure to come back for updates.


We've linked to Marc Taro Holmes before, but there's been some really good stuff recently - including this handy way to customise your sketching gear inexpensively. :) I'm kind of joking, although it's a good post. His recent series on going direct to Watercolours for his Urban Sketching have been really great - go read them!

I've been dabbling in stoner videos for Artists.

Peter Rush makes his Urban Sketches on the inside of serial packets.

Mary found a "colour your own Mucha" website.

Chuck turned me onto this set of great articles on Medium - starting with This is not a Vermeer

You have to watch The Art vs. Reality series -

There's great stuff about Art on NPR - it usually takes me a while to catch up on them, so here's a great one from February.

But you can easily find good Art when it wins the right kind of awards, like a Hugo or a Chesley.

That's it from us - come back on Monday for another Galway Pub Scrawl #118 - retaining the ability to be stabbed in McSwiggans!

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