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Another round of links & updates from your friendly Galway Pub Scrawl!


We kind of bombed out of World Art Drop Day and had trouble organising a 24 hour comics day this year (and we missed Culture Night... you turn your brain off for a month and this is what happens), so apologies for a lack of good Scrawlers stuff this year, next year will be back in full effect! But....

We did celebrate 6 YEARS OF PUB SCRAWLING! Thanks everyone for making this the endeavour that it is. So our slightly-older-sister group, Drink & Draw Cork, also celebrated 6 years. 6 years... it feels like yesterday we were sharpening our pencils in the pub for the first time....

And there's a new group in the family, the brand new Drink and Draw Waterford!

Inktober is upon us again! There's a few Pub Scrawlers & adjacent people working away at it, you can find our Inktobers here and there:




Meanwhile, Jay made things : The Willing Fool

And there's a little time left to check out Philip Barrett's Visual Storytelling Course in the Galway Arts Centre.


There's been some great Pub Scrawl-facing kickstarters recently. The Art of Loish was funded within about 20 seconds, but I'm sure there'll be ways to buy the book later. Or you can just look at my copy. With your eyes. There's still time to get a copy of the Steve Lichman book by Dave Rapoza, but that one was also insanely popular, so I'm sure again that you'll find copies in shops or online.

Michelle linked to these fantastic Illustrated Elements of the Periodic Table.

I had a post-drawing challenge good-link-hunt fail, but I did find (or re-find) the Ballpointer - all Art from Ballpoint pens, all the time.

Ruth found this :

Would you like to see details from Leyendeckers up close? Yes you would.

Patrick found this :

PS Breakdown | Hoth [Before & After]

[Music download link below] The process took about 12 hours, not including some fun research and council I received from my friends and extraordiNerds. It was most amusing :) If it glitches, here's the link to my blog that also has the Before and After photo: http://www.tkmusgrave.com/2015/08/ps-breakdown-hoth-before-after.html Enjoy.Music: Star Wars - The Force Theme (Binary Sunset) - DJ AG Deep House Remix —https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeMgZPrIj3sHe was kind enough to let me use his beats for this; if you'd like to download it for yourself, find it on his Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/djag-4

Posted by Tanya Musgrave on Friday, 21 August 2015

Do you want Colour Palettes? Yeah you do.

Mary recommends a Daily Dose of sketching.

Why should you stay Sketchy? Because Toth did.

Iggy was checking out fancy products:

This guy is Ira Glass (via Chuck)

THE GAP by Ira Glass from Daniel Sax on Vimeo.

You have to check out Sketchbook Panic! on youtube:

Watch this too, while you're at it:

Quick Hits:

This guy is great, if a little NSFW.

Develop a serious case of Studio Envy.

Download tons and tons of Arms & Armour reference from the wonderful Davi Blight.

Try and get published in the Millarworld Talent Search.

Admire the wonders of clickbait

Stare at Movie Posters with the annoying text removed.

Learn something about edges -

It's bigger here and there's more here



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