Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Galway Pub Ash Scrawl #147 - That Witching Time of Year

I was busy last Monday at the time of the Pub Scrawl, but luckily I had a good pinch-hitter on hand to document the goings on in the form of Ash. So, minor name change for the day:

Here's the Art:

Thanks to Ash for filling in! (Seen here with a bemused? terrified?) Michelle -

Hopefully there isn't a miss-three-and-you're-out rule on documenting Pub Scrawls, as that's the third one I've ever missed! I've heard the guy who makes the rules at Pub Scrawl is a real stickler...


You can find us on Monday the 09th of November in McSwiggans for the next Galway Pub Scrawl #148 - Popular Meme Adjacent and - rumour has it - in the Secret Garden Cafe on Sunday the 15th of November for Secret Cafe Scrawl #18 - Hush now Puppy!

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