Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Catch-up Monday 03 APR 2017 Edition

Admin Monday is back with a collection of links & updates from our Facebook Group and beyond! Join the group to get this information & invites to all our events first, and don't forget to check the Art from our last Pub Scrawl, Hung for a Sheep as a Lamb.



Patrick was playing Job Fairy again, linking to jobs at Cartoon Saloon. *edit* - they've closed the application process, but they're having an open day on the 8th of April or something. It's in the link.


Bernie Wrightson passed away in March - spend some time browsing his website as a great way to remember one of the best the business has ever seen.

Patrick linked to advice for aspiring animators from Brown Bag films.

The Google Cultural Institute is an interesting website for browsing Art - check it by medium for great results, like checking just the entries for Chalk.

Check out Lora Marie Hlavsa's amazing poster Art!

Yolande linked to the British Museum's feature on Women of the World, especially the glued paper work of Mary Delany.

And Yolande let us know that NBC have contracted Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman to host a crafting TV program.

Brian from Drink & Draw Sligo wanted us to know about the movie "Loving Vincent" - a fully painted animated movie about Vincent Van Gogh -

I love this feature over on reelbits.com - The best TV & movie posters of the month.

Patrick found this anatomy turntable video from Marc Brunet -

And would it be too much to paint with gunpowder in the back room of McSwiggans?


We'll be back in McSwiggans on Monday the 10th of April for our next Galway Pub Scrawl #183 - Black as your soul.

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