Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Admin ooops, Wednesday? 25th April 2012

I've been a little bit behind the curve this past fortnight. We had a quiet Pub Scrawl last Monday (the 16th) but I still have photos - I shall put them up later this evening.

Here's the listings for what I've been finding interesting and pushing on the facebook group. ;)

It's Google street view for museums - don't forget to check out the Google Art Project.

And if you want an online Art textbook, this webpage has it made.

A load of the (mostly) Dublin-based Irish cartoonists released a romance comic anthology, Romantic Mayhem!

Kekai Kotaki decided to use a tumblr to post his images quickly. His website will continue to be awesome, but the tumblr gives you a day-by-day survey of what he's up to.

Bjorn Hurri - the Hurricane :) - has been livestreaming his quick sketch work almost every night. Check it out here:

Watch live streaming video from bjornhurri at

Wayne O'Connor of our sister group Drink and Draw Sligo pointed us in the direction of the new Irish Gaming Magazine, The Gazebo. You can read it for free here. Wayne may be involved in that project somehow.

I thought these photos from inside the Museo Sorolla from the Arto's Art blog were quite lovely. His paintings are well worth looking at too!

Gregory Manchess gives a ten-point system for planning paintings. And you should listen to him.

The Society of Illustrators opened the Microvisions exhibition. Dan over at Muddy Colors has a good run down of the pictures on display.

There's a show on RTE about the search for Ireland's favourite masterpiece. The shortlist is worth checking out.

Sterling Hundley shared a video on his tumblr about where he gets his ideas from.

And Fergal O'Connor shared his blog with us - check it out.

And that's everything up to Monday. I'll save the rest for next time. I mused about a member focus month being over April, but instead it's going to be over the month of May. Just wait to check that out!

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