Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Admin Monday 07 MAY 2012

May has been a fun month so far, with our little spotlights on members drawing quite a lot of views! Stay tuned, visitors, there's a lot more cool stuff to come and lots more talent to go on display. :)

You can catch up with our spotlight specials here -

Jay Penn
Donal Fallon

This month, we have mostly been posting on facebook about the following!

I so rarely go on DeviantArt, but I was drawn there by the super cute art of Twiggy McBones.

The always-handy-in-a-tight-spot Choob pointed me in the direction of this pretty cool life drawing tool, Naked-People.de not safe for blah blah blah.

Quentin Blake did a piece on his site about how he draws. You know who he is, and you need to watch the video. Charming. :)

Underpaintings had a good article about the history of portraits of the Queen.

Angela Bell starts up a caricature blog - it's good stuff!

You want weird? How about a exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of Twin Peaks?

Eric Canete's blog is full of his lively, imaginative and polished artwork. This man is a pro.

And speaking of lively artwork, check out Lauren Montgemery's.

I was reminded that 'skine.art is a fabulous place to visit - check it out!

Steve Kim is trying to make his webpage as stripped down as possible - the art is still awesome.

Gregory Manchess gives you ten points about procrastinating. Only he may not have finished the list.

The pastel version of The Scream sold for $120 million. So parodies must be worth some decent fraction of that?

There was a lot of "May the fourth" stuff again. One I liked was amongst them.

Justin Gerard continues to pump out beautiful illustrations from the Silmarillion.

And finally, James Gurney talks about the placement of noses in paintings. Is "nose room" a rule you can know about to occasionally break?

Don't forget to keep tuning in this month for our member spotlight days and join us on the 14th for our next
Pub Scrawl, #62 - Listen all of Y'all!

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