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Admin Monday 21 MAY 2012

Oh hi there, I didn't see you come in. We've had a busy month on the Pub Scrawl blog with more member focus days! You can now catch the art of -

Yolande O'Brien
Ger Coady
Mary Lillis
and Patrick Gavin

We also have a very special event coming up in June, when Alan Corbett is coming to give a special 1-day version of his Illustration Course. Call it a masterclass, call it a crash-course, call it what you like. It's on June 16th from 10:00 in the hospitable arms of 091 Labs. You can check in your interest in the Facebook Event Page, or by emailing me (donalfall at gmail.com) or leaving a comment on this post. There'll be a lot more on that as we get closer to the day anyhow. Time to catch up on some links!

Another long list of the things I ramble on and on about on the facebook group. Come join us there! It's not all me spamming everyone with cool art links. But they are cool art links. Here's some!

Muddy Colors announced changes to their roster of bloggers! Don't worry - the changes are great.

Wayne O'Connor reminded us all that The Gazebo, Ireland's newest RPG magazine, will be looking for Dystopian Future imagery for their upcoming second issue. If you would like to contact them, download the issue to find out how to contact them. Download the issue anyway!

Jon Schindehette published an interesting (and somewhat funny) post about his D&D Art Philosophy.

Poor old Maurice Sendak passed away. I liked Scott M. Fischer's tribute. There was also some posts of his unreleased drawings and intaglio prints on BrainPickings.org

Underpaintings awarded one of their unofficial "Certificate of Excellence" posts to Jacques Bredy - I am loving his work.

Dianne Mize linked to a place where you can download a free PDF of The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides. Buyer beware on that link though! I have a hard copy so I didn't mess with the download.

You can find direct scans of Leyendecker covers on this blog over here.

wazabi, who was one of the Concepting Leads on the Avengers, posted some movie concept art on conceptart.org! While the mighty Mike Butkus shared some Game of Thrones concept art!

Andreas Englund shared his portraits of a not-so-perfect Super Hero

Patrick reminded us of Jason Chan's blog.

Alan Hurley wrote about finding awesome artists through facebook

Now that is a Centaur Knight!

If you're into 3d modelling, Serge Birault is running a cool contest - 3d modelling one of his super cute girl paintings!

John Michael Carter runs an excellent portfolio site.

Galway City Museum ran an event for National Drawing Day. I had forgotten National Drawing Day was a thing. Next year, the Galway Pub Scrawl are marking the occasion somehow, somewhere.

And finally, if you like Golden Age Comics and old picture stories from magazines, I have a blog for you to check out. This scan of illustrations by Frank Brangwyn really caught my eye.

That's it you guys. Don't forget our next Pub Scrawl on Monday the 20th of May in McSwiggans - We are the Paint Eaters! and drop me a line or post a comment here if you are interested in the Illustration Workshop.

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