Friday, June 1, 2012

And while it's still May (somewhere) - here's another member profile! In fairness, Jenny had this in a while ago but I kind of broke the internet there for a few hours. :) This feature has been tons of fun! I'll be thinking of more things to do soon here at Pub Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl!!!

I guess you could say I'm one of the least "sketchy" members of the Galway Pubscrawl. Sit me down in McSwiggans, hand me a pencil (as I've usually managed to forget mine), and gaze in wonder at my bewildered countenance! Wait an hour (and a couple of Coronas), and there's a 70% chance you'll return to find me with a blank page (sometimes containing a 404 error), a blank look, and a wail of "Donaaaal? What should I draaaw?", or "Um, I got distracted...", or even more likely "its all gone horribly wrong....".

Although there have been a few golden moments in my pub-scrawling, (both pencil and iPad related), most of my art tends to revolve around messy and/or dangerous materials that would get me thrown out of the bar!

I say messy - welcome to the exciting world of model-painting! Gluing and painting Games Workshop models, is a time consuming art form (I'm no speed painter), but it sure is rewarding to see the finished product :)

And when I say dangerous, I mean the "molten metal, open flame, stuff exploding" kind of dangerous. Yup, I'm learning to be a silversmith! No alcohol allowed in this section... My first piece was a silver and gold ring, but I quickly progressed to making a sterling silver elvish style diadem for a fellow pubscrawler's wedding. A far cry from my humble origins in beaded jewellery ;)

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  1. Great stuff Jenny, and you do the best paronomasias (intended) at the gatherings.