Monday, June 18, 2012

Admin Monday 18th June 2012

Another fortnightly round up of the best links from the Pub Scrawl Facebook Page!


Some of us are gathering together material to print a comic! We're using a "Secret" group on Facebook to organise at the moment, but it's no secret, just kept organised for the moment. If you follow through the group link to facebook and find me, send me a note and I'll add you if you're interested in joining this project. If you're not on facebook, send me an email (donalfall - at - gmail - dot - com) and I'll keep you updated. We'll be moving the group to it's own website or blog or whatever soon enough.

After our fun month of member focuses, we're thinking about doing a 30 day drawing challenge! Keep an eye on here & at the facebook group for more details as that evolves.

If you are (or know) someone under 21 who likes drawing Dragons, you can enter the contest over on The Dracopedia Project to win cool prizes. There's just a week left now, go for it!

I love these painterly works from Hiro Shisato.

Rich Pellegrino has an upcoming solo show.

Mike Hawthorne talked about how he approached making his latest Star Wars cover over on the Dark Horse blog.

The Powell's paintings are pretty sweet!

Unbelievably inspirational artworks are collected over on the, well, Inspirational Artworks blog.

Brandon Graham is giving away comics on his Tumblr in a contest - either reblog his post or enter his colouring contest.

Renae De Liz, one of my favourite artists, is in hospital with a serious infection. You can wish her and her husband, Ray Dillon, well on their respective blogs. You can help out with a donation, if you see fit, or show support by buying yourself a copy of Womanthology.

Adam Paquette's Sketchbook could beat up your sketchbook.

These old Pulp Novel Covers are crazy misogynistic, but they're pretty enjoyable.

Kevin Wueste kicks ass at the whole life drawing thing.

Justin Gerard is calling for Wacom to bring innovation in Digital Painting to the next level.

That's your bunch of links!

donalfall out.

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