Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Galway Pub Scrawl #70 - AARGH!!! FROGS!!!

Oh my god, the weather was disgusting in Galway tonight. Pub Scrawl was correspondingly quiet, I can't blame anyone. It was horrible out. Some people still struggled into the Pub, these are the heroes of this world. Heroes or fools, the line between, as usual is very thin.

Anyway, photos!

Here we are, wet and bedraggled. :)

I was copying portrait photographs as always, another one from portrait-photos.org

Yolande was knitting shells.

Ger was tweaking his comics.

New scrawler Helen was crocheting Bender!

And Ger was so productive he worked on another piece as well!

That's it from a very, very wet and windy Galway this week. Check back in for announcements next Monday and our Third birthday in two weeks time!

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