Monday, August 27, 2012

Admin Monday 27th AUG 2012

Another round of announcements and links for the Galway Pub Scrawl!


We've been asked to exhibit all along one wall in 091 Labs as part of Culture Night! More here and here.

Our 3rd Birthday party is coming around soon - it's on the 17th of September and we'ld love to see you there. :) We're going to try having a Google+ Hangout as well from our Google+ page.

And now, our links -

Poor old Joe Kubert passed away the week before last. Blake Bell shared this great interview from back in the day.

Muddy Colours had a cool post on James Bama, who, along with Frazetta, defined how Fantasy & Sci-Fi book covers came to look.

They also shared Paolo Rivera's great post on painting Ghost Rider in water-based media.

The guys at Mad Art Lab built a "Giger" Counter.

I was thinking of Tarot Cards since our awesome 31 Day Drawing Challenge Tarot Day, so I really liked these ones by the Light Grey Art Labs.

Stanislav Prokopenko's blog is running awesome tutorials on how to produce Loomis-style anatomy.

This book on making Video Game Art and drawing looks badass.

Jordie Bellaire makes the most amazing breakdowns of colour palettes in movies, animations, everything. They're a really good read.

Justin Gerard's Ents & Orcs Sketchbook looks the business you guys. No joking.

Samuel Silva made this :
with just 7 colours of ballpoint pen. We are all slackers.

Jeff Wamester has been a great source of links on twitter. This composition tutorial by Phil Straub is excellent and I only found it from Jeff's twitter.

PaddyD had to point us at this article on the ill-fated "restoration" in a Spanish Church which has been an article I've found very upsetting all week. :(

That's it for the week! (Leaving on a down note haha)

donalfall out.

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