Monday, August 13, 2012

Admin Monday 13th AUG 2012

Back to the grind now that the 31 Day Drawing Challenge is over. Oh well. You can catch up with everything we got done over the month of July with that link there and the tab will stay up at the top of the page FOREVER... or until I run out of space for other tabs, ha ha ha.

There's notices, I suppose, although a lot of them will have expired by today. Then there is also art links. Let's roll them out and see what happens!


We might bring a laptop down to the pub next Monday and start a Google Hangout so you can come and draw along from the comfort of your own home! Keep an eye on our Google+ page for more.

Mary had two -

1) iSupply is/was looking for Print Shop/Print & Design staff

2) and way more importantly, she has this beautiful design up on Redbubble as a print or Qwertee as a t-shirt based on her Tarot Card from the Challenge. Go buy it on Redbubble and vote for it on Qwertee, NOW!

Ragz had one, but oh my god it would be cool to do - there's a chance of getting to draw Tank Girl for an upcoming project!!!

Ain't It Cool News are running a contest to mark the birthday of The Shadow, if you fancy messing with Photoshop or GIMP.

Art Links:

Richard Hescox's blog is a great resource on both his artwork and the fantastical art of other times!

If you're on Facebook, you're crazy not to keep up to date by liking these artist's pages -

Serge Marshennikov
Otto Schmidt
Aly Fell
Jason Felix
and Jake Kobrin

The Fondation Cartier recorded the late Moebius doing a bunch of Digital Drawings. If you haven't seen these, we can't be friends -

MOEBIUS-TRANSE-FORME - Malvina (La ligne qui... by FondationCartier

Yigal Ozeri claims these artworks he's made are paintings, but they have to be photos, right? Breathtaking work.

Brian Cunningham who made it the whole way through the 31 Day Drawing Challenge with us, put up his own tumblr blog. And speaking of Sligo peeps, the Drink & Draw was restarted in Sligo and I believe a good night was had by all.

Robert Hughes, the Art Critic, passed away last week. You can see all of his show "The Shock of the New" on youtube - and you can learn a lot from his opinions.

Paul pointed us to self-portraits done under the effects of different drugs.

And if someone says to you "How do I start out as an artist?" you say "Go here" because you've already read all the books here and realise that it is good.

That's it for me. donalfall out.