Monday, January 28, 2013

Admin Monday 28th JAN 2013

More links, updates and news from your friendly local Pub Scrawl!


Yolande pointed out this art contest for the Donkey Sanctuary in Co. Cork. The theme is Donkeys.... :) Closing date is the 19th of March.

And Yolande pointed out that Ropes are looking for Art Submissions for their 2013 issue - the deadline is today, so move fast!

Today is also the last day for this good cause which needs some Art that Joe Neary pointed out.

The Gazebo are still looking for Art for their next issue, the theme is Virtual Gaming. Get your art into them!


The Disney Social Network game that Eva Widermann worked on concept art for has been teased - congratulations Eva! Eva's founding of Drink & Draw Cork inspired us to start Galway Pub Scrawl, so it's great to hear awesome career news for her. :)

Aaron Diaz has been designing characters from the Silmarillion - they're pretty awesome.

Patrick also pointed out this cool artist on DeviantArt, Phobs, who is also taking inspiration from the Silmarillion.

The Art Order has been publishing Painting Ideas as a springboard to creativity.

If you think your art is bad, check out the lousy book covers tumblr. Update: They also cross-post on Facebook now. pointed towards this video:

Deep Sea Diver by Linocutboy. from Hazeleigh Prebble on Vimeo.

As they said, you'ld have to be made of stone not to be inspired by this.

Tom Fowler put up his entries for Spectrum 20 - I love his work, but it was also a good signal that *everyone* would be posting great art for their Spectrum 20 entries over the next few weeks.

Chris Sanders has been posting his storyboard work from "The Croods" - I really like looking at storyboard art, but these are exceptional - lively and full of character!

On Facebook, the very interesting and sometimes deeply odd Cartoon Jumbles mix different cartoon characters together.

Patrick pointed out this cool script-writing/story-boarding tool, Celtx. It's a kind of Evernote for scripts that can sync across all your devices. Very nice.

And that's it for us. Check back in next Monday for photos from the next Pub Scrawl - #79: to all humans...

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